Iain Biddulph, Assistant Transport Manager

My career so far

I have worked for ForFarmers for 29 years. Before that I worked on a dairy farm and drove a truck on general haulage which involved a lot of rural driving and delivering to farms. I then joined BOCM Pauls in August 1993 as Bulk Delivery Driver and that company was later taken over by ForFarmers. I enjoyed that role for more than 20 years but moved on to driver trainer which involved training our new drivers and raising the standards of existing drivers through ongoing training. That then led on to my current position Assistant Transport Manager three years ago.

Variety of my work

I enjoy the daily variety of my role whether I am involved with fleet compliance, driver management or liasing with different departments to get feed delivered to our customers.

Team work

I like the team work ethic we have at ForFarmers and how the team steps up, supports and assists each other when required.

Afbeelding: Iain Biddulph headshot

Down time

Outside of work I enjoy reading, socialising, spending time with family and outdoors.