Commercial success and satisfied customers to feed your ambition

Being part of our sales or sales support teams you will be farm-focused, ambitious and strive for the best for our farmers.

Sales at ForFarmers are organised per animal species. You’ll focus on ruminants, poultry, or pigs and be part of a regional team with a strong local network. You’ll know exactly what’s going on locally and always be able to provide the best advice. You’ll be able to work in a specialist team such as youngstock, robotic, forage or organics.

Specialist or account manager

As a specialist or account manager you’re an important sounding board for our farmers. Those conversations are about so much more than just feed. What your customer wants to achieve with their business is always the starting point and together you’ll work towards higher returns, healthier livestock and improved efficiency.

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Ready to help

If our farmers have questions, the customer services department, is ready to help. As a member of that team, you’ll answer customers’ questions about the process from order to delivery. Whether it involves adjusting a delivery, or they have queries about an invoice, you’ll provide the answers.

Our customer services team is an essential link between the commercial organisation and production and logistics.