Werken bij ForFarmers

Work and learn at ForFarmers

A good education is an important ingredient for a great career. Do you want varied work? Would you like to learn from the best? If you want to work in a close-knit team on a quality product, then consider an apprenticeship at ForFarmers. We’ll explain more.


Learning and working at the same time is a recipe for success! Training on the job as an apprentice combines working and learning at the same time. On this program, you’ll be a ForFarmers employee, and will go to college one day a week and work in the mill on the other four. Guidance will be provided by experienced, expert colleagues and you’ll also have a mentor to support you in your practical training. It includes roles in operations and technical positions such as electricians and mechanical engineers.

  • The theory

    Your college will provide the theoretical part of your education, while your ForFarmers supervisor will follow your learning process and show you how to apply the theory in practice.

  • ForFarmers pays for your training

    When you start, you’ll receive an apprenticeship/employment contract for the duration of the course including information about your salary. ForFarmers will pay the training costs (tuition and books), and once you’ve obtained your qualification, you can apply for a permanent position.

Does technology feed your ambition?

Watch the video, or read Roeland Dinkelman’s story about his work as an inspection leader in the technical service team.

You can also continue learning with us

Learning doesn’t stop when you start working at ForFarmers. If you want to develop further, you’ll have plenty of opportunities through internal and external training. If your ambition goes beyond your first degree, then opt for a learning and work trajectory at ForFarmers.