Producing sustainable feed

ForFarmers is committed to realising a healthy future for the agricultural sector and sustainability forms an essential part of this. Everything revolves around the production of food in our sector. Sustainable food production is an important and joint task for the entire chain: from the raw materials at the very start of the chain, via the farm where the animals turn the raw materials into meat or dairy products, right through to the supermarket where consumers go to do their shopping. The feed industry, in which ForFarmers is active, plays a key role here as a result of our central position in the food production chain. 

Our sustainability approach

We take our role as a pioneer in the sector very seriously at ForFarmers. Sustainability forms a natural and integral part of our activities and therefore it is also one of our three core values, alongside ambition and partnership. In addition, we report on the results we achieve where our sustainability objectives are concerned. 

Our sustainability strategy  focuses on three themes: the environment, people & society and animal health & welfare. We focus on specific topics within these areas, which have been selected in close consultation with groups of people involved with ForFarmers, including farmers. 


Sustainability: let’s get to work!

How is the fact we take sustainability seriously evident in practice? For example, we purchase our raw materials in a sustainable manner. We use residual flows from the food industry during the production of animal feed. We also continuously work on innovations in our feeds, in order to reduce on-farm emissions. We use our knowledge to improve animal health and welfare. And these days our feed mill in Lochem barely uses any natural gas, thanks to our biomass plant , which is fired solely on local waste wood. These are just a few examples of the sustainability projects we are all working on at ForFarmers. Please visit the ForFarmers Group website  if you would like to find out more about sustainability within ForFarmers.

Interested in working at a sustainable company?

Would you like to work for an organisation which is committed to sustainability? Then do check out our vacancies for career opportunities which suit you.