Sustainability as the main ingredient for success

At ForFarmers, you and about 2,400 colleagues will contribute to a healthy future for the agricultural sector. We take sustainability very seriously and it is one of the building blocks of our strategy with our sustainability approach ‘Going Circular’.

This means that we purchase our raw materials sustainably, make our production more sustainable and make extensive use of co- and by-products from the food industry.

Where possible, we do our best to reduce our own energy consumption and emissions. How can we organise our production and feed deliveries in such a way that the burden on the environment is as small as possible. We also work on all kinds of sustainable projects and innovations. We’re working on ways to reduce nitrogen emissions on farms through feed solutions.


At ForFarmers we acknowledge the importance of our people's diverse experiences, talents, and cultures. Embracing diversity and creating inclusion is a key component of our talent strategy. The creation of a diverse, inclusive workforce is central to our ability to unlock potential and enhance our success.