Who is ForFarmers?

Do you ever stop to wonder where your Sunday morning soft-boiled egg came from? Or the milk in your cafè latte? Or what about the smoked sausage and bacon served with your kale? It will come as no surprise to you that the animals which produce these products need to eat themselves too. And that’s where ForFarmers comes into the equation.

ForFarmers produces feed for cattle, pigs and poultry in both conventional and organic livestock farming. And that probably sounds a great deal simpler than it actually is. Make no mistake: an awful lot of knowledge, research and innovation has gone into one of those seemingly simple-looking chunks. And these are the kind of things we, as a company, invest a great deal in.

‘You are what you eat’ most definitely applies to animals too. Feed has a major impact on the animals’ health, wellbeing and productivity. And on the flavour and quality of the products they subsequently produce. The feed is therefore also incredibly important to the farmer’s results. And, as a direct result of this, his future perspective.

For the Future of Farming

This is why our specialists intensively work together with our customers. We offer a wide range of feeds and feed solutions, plus we conduct a great deal of research in this field too. That’s why we continually invest in our employees’ knowledge, as well as the development of useful tools. This allows us to offer our customers concrete results: better yields, healthier livestock and higher levels of efficiency.

This is how ForFarmers is committed to ‘For the Future of Farming”: for the continuity of farming and for a financially healthy agricultural sector, which will continue to play a sustainable role in society for many generations to come.

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