Werken bij ForFarmers

October 2021

Tell us about what have you been working on this month?

October has been jampacked! I’ve been involved in various projects which have given me a great insight into different departments at ForFarmers.

One project involved looking at our ‘on time in full’ monitors which observe how customer orders are managed – ensuring that they are handled correctly, arrive on time and are complete. I’ve also been reviewing trials into our piglet starter feed VIDA, which involved analysing and determining positive results.

As my placement progresses, I’m building my knowledge and gaining an understanding into the key role each department plays in the business.

What have you found most interesting this month?

I’ve been fascinated by the complexities involved in the pig industry and how it’s impacted by so many other local and global forces. One challenge the sector faced recently was the CO2 supply chain shortage, this significantly affected processing plants but has since been rectified with a new agreement to ensure UK businesses have access to a sustainable supply.

Which teams have you been working with, and what have you been a part of whilst in that team?

I’ve mainly been working in the Young Animal Feed team, both on and off farm, as we look at trials with new and potential customers. The on-farm aspect has really helped me to adapt to new ways of communicating with customers and the team. This will be a valuable skill as I progress into a career in the industry.

Outside of work, I have been…

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Travelling - both with work and outside of work! I’ve been exploring some of the places that I haven’t had the chance to visit including York, where I had the opportunity of working closely with two individual farms. Outside of work I had the chance to look around the city and see places such as the Shambles and the York Minster. I also had taken the opportunity to meet with friends who are also on placement, and catch up with them to see how there placement year is going. I even got the chance to visit home in Northern Ireland and surprise my family!