Werken bij ForFarmers

March 2022

This month has continued to be packed full of farm trials, to put our products up against competitors and make sure they’re standing up to the challenges on farm! Most recently we went to see how our VIDA muesli was performing on farm. I joined Account Manager, Jim Gould on farm to weigh the piglets. I’ve enjoyed working alongside Jim, learning the role of an account manager whilst gaining more responsibilities on these trials visits.

Visiting an outdoor sow unit

Afbeelding: Stephen March 4

I joined our new Pig Technical and Commercial Advisor Sam Bradley, on farm, along with Head of Technical and Customer Excellence Beth Austermuhle, and Account Manager, James Hall to visit a customer. It was great to be a part of a team visit to an outdoor pig unit, where we spent the day with the farm team and vet to weigh piglets and measure back fat on sows.

I’ve spent the majority of my placement with piglets so it was great to focus on sows on this occasion. It was my first experience of back fat scanning, which was interesting to learn how testing like this can help support our producer’s goals.

Remote learning continues

I’ve joined various ‘Teams’ calls over the past month, as we are still working remotely for much of the time, we’re working on exciting projects and trials which I look forward to sharing soon. Time working with colleagues like this is always insightful and seeing how all  departments work together on projects.

Outside of work…

I’m looking forward to my annual leave where I have time to visit my family back in Northern Ireland, I’m especially looking forward to the home cooking!