Werken bij ForFarmers

August/September 2021

Learning the ropes

Afbeelding: Stephen on farm

I met my mentor Wes Udall during my first week at Horizon House, the headquarters of ForFarmers UK. I had the opportunity to be out on farm in Dorset to experience some trial work that the Young Animal Feed (YAF). It was great to get hands on to weigh and observe pigs on farm.

I have spent time to experience of the process of getting the feed delivered from the mills to farm site. Understanding this with the logistic team was really valuable. Over my first few weeks I have personally had chance to travel up and down the country to spend time with members of various teams to gain insight into their roles and how the business is run as a whole.

Working as a team

Across my introductions I have met lots of key members across departments from formulations, to marketing and customer service. It has been really interesting to learn how all of these teams work together. I have spent time with the Home mix section, where I learnt how the diets are uniquely formulated based on the analysis, it was really interesting. In the poultry department I gained knowledge of how the sector is growing rapidly. I found time in the leisure department particularly interesting, a unique area of the business.

On my travels

I have begun exploring my new area Bury St Edmunds, as well travelling further. I even visited Jeremy Clarkson’s farm ‘Diddly Squat Farm’, it was great to visit somewhere which has been so popular in raising awareness of farming in the news and on television recently.