Placement students

Ruminant placement Q&A

We asked our ruminant placement student Philippa some key questions on the placement year. We thought these might be insightful when deciding on your placement choices or when writing your application form.

What can I expect working day-to-day in the ruminant department?

Every day working with ForFarmers for me has been different. Typically, I am out on farm 3 or 4 days a week, working closely with the ForFarmers teams of forage specialists, youngstock specialists or account managers, visiting customers and offering solutions to maximise efficiencies and productivity on farm. If I’m not out on farm, I’ll be in the office working on projects and answering any emails I may have missed whilst being out.

How much background knowledge did you need to have?

Coming from a farming background and doing a BSc Agricultural degree has helped in having an insight into ruminant nutrition and an understanding of what to expect when starting my placement. However, there is always much more to learn every day and the main thing is to walk into the industry being enthusiastic and have a keen sense of wanting to learn. I think whatever level of knowledge you have, you will always walk away from a day having learned so much more!

What is your favourite part about your scholarship and what do you look forward to doing most?

My favourite part of having a placement with ForFarmers is having the opportunity to be an active part of all areas of the business. By meeting new people and having a broad insight to different areas such as soil nutrition, forage analysis, youngstock management, social communications, farm costings and more, I feel open as to what I could see myself doing within a future at ForFarmers.

Within only the first month of being here I have already got up to so much that I couldn’t pin point what I look forward to doing most over the next year! However, currently I have projects set with the forage department on maize and fertility, which is something I am very excited to do and it will be interesting to see the final results.

Do you feel supported by the ForFarmers team?

Moving away from home to a new area for a year can be daunting for anyone! The team at ForFarmers strive to ensure that all colleagues are happy and comfortable in their working environment, especially being a new student working away from home. Everyone you meet at ForFarmers will be happy to help you where they can and put time aside to ensure anything you’re struggling with is made easier.

Issues such as finding myself a local rugby team, a gym, or even where to buy a good slow cooker, the Portbury team have been kind and helpful to pointing me in the right direction in the local area. I think wherever you move with ForFarmers you will settle into the area nicely.