Werken bij ForFarmers

December 2020

My time at ForFarmers in 2020 has been a whirlwind. To watch the company adapt to comply with Covid-19 restrictions over the past 10 months whilst also making preparations for me as a student to join the team has been impressive and wholesome.

Reflecting on the past few months

I started ForFarmers in September with no idea how the year would pan out for me after being delayed due to Covid-19 and the whole world trying to conform to new policies in the workplace. In my first week, I was fortunate to meet face to face with my team; Cara Green, Ruminant Communications Manager, Katie Maynard, Ruminant Communications Specialist and Marian Butler, Sales & Marketing Secretary. I then had the pleasure of visiting both Portbury and Exeter Mills where I met members of the manufacturing and transport teams.  

With PPE and protocols in place I met with member of the forage and youngstock teams where I was able to go out on farm and work hands on with specialists opening up my insight into the business whilst also learning in depth about the importance of working closely with a farmer to ensure they get the best value for their business. Being also able to be a part of returning to farms and seeing the progress whether that be in growth of crops or weight gain of calves was really rewarding and interesting for me.

Philippa reflecting on the past few months


After the change in Government advice, to again work from home if you could, I cleared my desk at Portbury and set up a station to work from home. Despite being mainly home-based, when required I was still fortunate to go out on farm helping specialists to carry out essential task e.g calf weighing, soil sampling and crop / grassland walking; taking separate cars, keeping distance from farmers and ensuring high biosecurity standards and this allowed my learning experience to continue.

I was currently living in Bristol at the start of my placement, but due to lockdown I had the opportunity to move back onto the family farm and continue my placement from here. I thought this may hinder my experience, but after huge support from Cara I realised it wouldn’t have any effect on my placement at all. In fact, with ForFarmers operating nationally, up and down the country I had the opportunity to work alongside my family farm Account Manager Geoff Tidy, going out on my own on farm taking silage samples for his customers, whilst also catching up over the phone with other local account managers and specialists in my area.

My favourite thing about ForFarmers is that you can pick up the phone to anybody and they will be willing to help you, which I think is majorly important in these unprecedented times, especially when you are a training student working from home! Hopefully the New Year will continue to allow me to be out on farm doing what I am most passionate about.

Working from home

Philippa with her horse at home

For all those working at home, I think a lot of people will say it is not the easiest. Being in the same place every day can become a bit much especially with higher restrictions on tiers. However, making time to walk my dog and loaning a horse to keep me busy definitely helped me get some fresh air and has kept me sane.

Every day I have face to face meetings with Cara and weekly catch ups with both Cara and Katie. We also have a live chat running on Teams where we can communicate effectively and have general chit chats as well.

It has been nice to delve more into the marketing side of the business over the past two months. Not only have I been able to get more involved with projects which I am very excited about, I have also had opportunities to create posts on the social media channels which is really fun and creative.

Thank you

I think all I can say this far into my placement is a big thank you. Coronavirus has meant many roles have had to adapt over the past 10 months, however the support from everyone in every department has been very overwhelming. I’m also grateful to farmers for allowing me to accompany account managers and specialists whilst also taking the time to answer any questions I have.

I look forward to continuing my placement journey and getting stuck into the projects I have planned for 2021.