Werken bij ForFarmers

September 2021

What have I learned from my placement year

As my placement year with the pig team at ForFarmers draws to a close, I’m reflecting on my experiences, lessons learned, and some of the challenges I’ve faced.

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1. Pigs are fantastic!

I went into my placement year open minded and hoping to develop the little experience I've had with pigs. I’m happy to say my experience and understanding of the UK pig industry has grown massively. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with pigs, with their entertaining characters!

2. No two farms are the same

My placement has allowed me to experience a wide range of different UK pig production systems. This helped me appreciate that no system is right or wrong, it’s what works for the individual producer.

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3. Behind the curtains

Whether it be a product ForFarmers produces or a post on social media. This year has made me appreciate the work involved and the attention to detail over everything!

The skills I have gained from working in the ForFarmers team have been invaluable. My communication and organisation skills in particular have strengthened, balancing multiple projects and my confidence in working within a large team.

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4. You will never know unless you try!

Without having carried out my placement year with ForFarmers, I would never have known that I quite like marketing, I enjoy working on product trials and I do really like pigs.

5. Everyone has a part to play in sustainability

I have a keen interest in the environment, and I have appreciated seeing both ForFarmers approach here and how they’re working with producers to providing a clear strategy of support around this.

My reflection

I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to work with ForFarmers for my placement year. ForFarmers has helped develop me as a young professional; learning many transferable skills which I can take forward. The placement has helped set me up for my final year of studies, as well as for heading off into the industry after university.

Thank you to the ForFarmers pig team for welcoming me, educating me, and for making the year so enjoyable.