Werken bij ForFarmers

May 2021

Three quarters through

Afbeelding: ginger pig- may blog

My time with ForFarmers is flying by. We plan to fit in as much as we can in the last 3 months of my placement, including farm visits and mill tours.

Supporting one of our VIDA trials

This month I’ve continued attending weekly farm visits to help tag piglets for our latest VIDA trial which is looking into feeding starter feed pre-weaning via two different methods. I’ve been enjoying working alongside the customer and will be following the piglets up to 35kg, which will take me to the end of my placement.

Understanding our producer need

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to lots of UK outdoor pig producers on a one-to-one basis. This is to gain a greater understanding on their perspective and approach to feeding starter feed outdoors when the piglets are still on the sow. I was highly appreciative of the friendliness, interest, and willingness from the participants. I look forward to having the survey results back and analysing them next month.

A new project

I’m working on a new project which will see me through to the end of placement from the Young Animal Feed team. The project will allow me to utilise many of the skills I have gained over the year to produce an ongoing useful tool for the Young Animal Feed Team to use. More on this to come.

Piggy Cakes

Afbeelding: pig cake- may blog

The ForFarmers ‘Bake Off’ for its employers took place over May. Philippa, the ruminant placement student challenged me to make a pig cake! It was a great challenge and a nice opportunity to bring the ForFarmers team together, virtually.