Werken bij ForFarmers

March 2021

Life beyond zinc

Link: https://www.forfarmers.co.uk/pig/piglet/zincfree

Did you see the recent ForFarmers video supporting producers as they work towards a zinc-free future? Watch it here

I had the pleasure of working on this exciting project to help provide practical tips for life beyond zinc. The whole process made me appreciate the importance of communication between teams when creating accurate, helpful content for our producers.

I have also continued my research, focusing on improving uniformity within the herd in preparation for life beyond zinc including researching practical tips for producers around colostrum management, healthy litter birth weights and creating the right environment to support good health. It’s been really interesting to understand how VIDA, our piglet starter feed, plays an important part in this because optimising feed intake encourages health growth at each stage of a piglet’s life. 

New learnings

This month I have also been involved in projects for the ForFarmers data software which monitors trends to continuously improve ForFarmers’ service. I’ve learnt more about the different stages and departments involved in the ‘service’ of a product, from packaging through to feed delivery.

With lockdown easing…

Afbeelding: Rowing

It’s been brilliant to return to the pitch for my first training session with the Bury Foxes Rugby Team. I have also enjoyed picnics in the sunshine, baking Easter goodies and have even got out on the water canoeing. It feels like a breath of fresh air being able to venture further and see friends and family outside!

Returning to the new normal

As we plan the return to the new ‘normal’ I’m looking forward to being involved with new projects as I move on to work with the Young Animal Feed on the next phase of my placement journey.