Werken bij ForFarmers

July 2021

Approaching the finishing line

Afbeelding: Anglesey- July blog

Last month I was lucky enough to visit a finishing unit, and two breeding units, all indoors. One farm visit was different from the next, from vaccinations to weighing, local farms to a trip to Anglesey. The variety of producers was a great reminder for me about how ‘one size does not fit all’, each requiring a unique feed regime and service from ForFarmers.

Furthering my Excel skills

I have continued my learning of statistical analysis, combining different excel formulas. Having spent a lot of time familiarising myself with excel over this past year, I feel a lot more confident going into my final year of Harper Adams University where I utilise these skills in my final research project.

I am preparing to present to the pig team my finding from my projects, including market research and the commercial trial on outdoor creep feeding I have been focussing on. It feels rewarding to see my projects coming together.

Enjoying the summer

Afbeelding: Diddly Squat- July blog

I’ve been enjoying my evening dips in the sea, and picnics whilst watching the combines at work. I ventured to the Cotswolds, where I visited the Diddly Squat Farm shop, featured on 'Clarkson's Farm'.

The most exciting part of July was introducing the newest farm worker on my Grandad’s farm; Kylie the Australian Kelpie.

Approaching the finishing line

Afbeelding: Puppy- July blog
Holly with Kylie the Australian Kelpie

As my final month at ForFarmers draws to a close, I’ll be bringing all my projects to a close, handing over any ongoing projects to the next placement student, Stephen Evans.

I aim to get as many experiences out of my final few weeks, and of course, a few piglet cuddles will not go amiss!