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January 2021

Kickstarting 2021!

Afbeelding: Zinc tips ad series 1 v3 -1- January Blog

With 2021 underway, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the ForFarmers pig team and broadening on my understanding of one of our feed ranges, NOVA PreLac transition feed. I have been speaking to account managers individually about their experiences of NOVA, finding out more about its benefits and the needs of the customer which has really developed my knowledge.

Further progress has been made with planning our social media communications ahead of the zinc ban in 2022. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the informative posts, coming soon. Did you know sows can drink over 25L of water a day during lactation? I struggle to drink 2L a day!

Research, Research, Research …

I have really started to enjoy reading and evaluating scientific reports including research for my placement project literature review: A trial to quantify the benefits of feeding VIDA to outdoor piglets and what influence this may have on performance pre- and post-weaning. In addition to this, we are looking at the various ways to practically do this on an outdoor unit.  

Feeding trial

Afbeelding: Piglet- January Blog

As part of an essential site visit for a creep feeding trial, I was lucky enough to visit a customer’s outdoor unit, all the appropriate measures were taken to ensure COVID guidelines were adhered to. This is a critical part of monitoring our products to ensure they are performing correctly whilst assessing the practicalities of feeding creep on that farm’s system. I did also get to pick up a piglet and have a much-needed cuddle! 

Walk perks

Afbeelding: Snowy Landscape- January Blog

I have been at my family home during lockdown, just 2 miles from the Welsh border. My weekends have been spent exploring the local hills (something that I have always lacked in Buckinghamshire and Suffolk). Being a big snow lover, the presence of snow has made this extra enjoyable.