Werken bij ForFarmers

April 2021

Starting the last placement chapter

Afbeelding: April blog- piglets

April marked the start of my time working with the Young Animal Feed team. I also spent the month finalising the Going Zinc Free social media posts and an article focused on improving uniformity in preparation for the zinc oxide ban' to support VIDA customers on their journey to zinc free pig production. Have you seen our recent top tip on the importance of sow flushing? View it here.

Returning to farm

The highlight of April was venturing out to visit one of our customers. This was an invaluable week to gain an understanding of the day-to-day routine and management on an outdoor pig farm, having only experienced indoor units previously. The experience also enabled me to get to know the farm and its team more, as I will be helping the farm run a trial with our VIDA products. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside for a week and being reunited with the amusing four-legged animals.

My ‘moove’ towards normality

Afbeelding: April blog- Lamb

In my own time and with restrictions easing, I’ve been able to help with lambing and milking, which for me is the best way to spend a weekend. Despite, thoroughly enjoying working with the pigs, sometimes I just need a little ‘moo-ment’ with the sheep and cows! Nothing says spring like seeing lambs bounce about on fresh grass!

Preparing for the new recruit 

As I reach the end of my placement with ForFarmers, I’ve helping to create a new induction programme for the next Harper Adams placement student, Stephen. I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on my own journey with the business and using that to develop a plan which will hopefully give Stephen a great start.