ForFarmers appoints new account manager, Emily Pearson

Department: Ruminant Sales

Emily Pearson

ForFarmers have appointed Emily Pearson as an Account Manager in the Penrith team to expand our capacity in the North West and continue supporting existing customers with ForFarmers’ knowledge and expertise.

With 20 years experience in the industry, spanning roles in animal health, genetics, and renewable livestock bedding, Emily is looking forward to bringing her experiences to this role. “Throughout my career I have been supporting farms in the North West, and so I’m really looking forward to continuing this in my new role." 

"As an Account Manager, I will been working closely with local Forage and Youngstock Specialists in order to provide my customers with a total feed offering. I will also be utilising ForFarmers digital tools alongside a portfolio of products and services which will help me to enhance farm performance and productivity."

Nutritional training

Emily has a National Diploma in Animal Sciences from Brackenhurst Campus, Nottingham and a passion for Biology and Chemistry which she is enjoying relating to the ForFarmers nutritional training that she is receiving.

“I’m in the lucky position to be learning about nutrition the ‘ForFarmers way’, meaning that I am learning from Europe’s leading animal feed supplier. Taking this knowledge out to farms and translating it into a bespoke solution for each farm is definitely one of the most exciting parts of the role."

Supporting customers across the region

“I’ve been really impressed at the range of support that ForFarmers can offer farmers,” explains Emily. “I’m particularly excited about the Visiolac milk analysis service and the potential benefits this could have for farmers. Using milk sample testing to identify what is happening within the cow from a nutritional perspective is an amazing concept and I believe that it will really help farmers make an informed choice about their nutrition.

“In my eyes, my first real win will be when I identify an area for improvement on a farm and suggest a solution which goes on to improve things for that farm. I would like to feel like I have contributed to supporting farmers in finding the right solutions for them and working with them to help them farm in the best way they can,” she concludes.

Outside of work Emily keeps chickens and breeds ornamental ducks, as well as being a mother to two boys. 

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