Forage Academy equips ForFarmers employees with specialist forage knowledge

More than 60 ForFarmers employees have completed advanced training in forage management.

Afbeelding: Forage academy training 1 cropped
ForFarmers emplyees taking note in one of the sessions

The Forage Academy programme was designed for ForFarmers account managers and forage specialists and held across two days in May. Organised by ForFarmers Forage Product Manager Mel Digger and Technical Development Manager Alison Ewing the event was hosted by DLF Seeds.

Forage Academy is part of ForFarmers wider training programme which sees employees complete modules covering different areas of feed and livestock management ensuring they can provide up-to-date information and advice to customers.

The Forage Academy sessions covered various aspects of forage management and agronomy. Attendees learned about the significance of soil quality in crop growth and the benefits of reseeding. Discussions centred around the use of different species in specific situations, taking into account rising costs of purchased proteins and the increasing importance of environmental schemes.

Afbeelding: Forage training inside with Ronald from NIC
Presentation on fertilisers from Ronald van Hal

The programme also included an insightful session on fertilisers led by Ronald van Hal from the NIC in Holland. This was followed by a practical case study, where attendees role-played selling grass to one another, providing an opportunity to exchange skills and expertise. Other topics included maize, root crops and silage inoculants.

"With forage playing such an important role in the ruminant diet and the economics of the farm we were delighted to have the opportunity to update the team with the latest research and thinking on forage production," said Mel Digger. "We received some fantastic feedback from colleagues so I’m sure this will become a regular part of our Continuing Professional Development programme.”

The ForFarmers training academies provide a hands-on approach to enhancing knowledge across the team, ensuring advisors and account managers are well-prepared to support customers throughout the upcoming growing season. The scheme is part of ForFarmers commitment to keeping its employees up to date with the latest industry insights and expertise, ultimately enabling them to better serve their customers in the agricultural community.

Forage academy training 3
Forage training inside
Forage academy training 4