Commercial trainees on a working visit to the UK

A total of 16 commercial trainees from ForFarmers Netherlands and Germany paid a visit to ForFarmers in the UK last week. During a three-day visit, they became acquainted with the agricultural sector, the UK market and a number of their UK colleagues. “Instructive and super fun”, according to one participant.

The destination of the trip was the region around Bury St Edmunds in the southeast of the UK. During the trip, the three main sectors - dairy cattle, poultry and pigs - were explored.

Farm visits

The group visited a dairy farm of enthusiastic owners who were visibly proud of the three new milking robots. At the laying poultry farm, the new stable for 16,000 laying hens was the eye-catcher. An egg packing station was also on the programme. Here, the eggs of ForFarmers' customers are collected, sorted, packed and transported to customers such as supermarkets. But perhaps most impressive was the visit to a typical English pig farm where the pigs - unlike on the continent - live in the open air within an enormous site.

Afbeelding: 190613_CTP_Country trip UK_pigs_in line

Learned a lot

Prior to the farm visits, colleagues from ForFarmers UK gave interesting presentations about the different animal sectors and the market approach of ForFarmers in these sectors. A guided tour of the ForFarmers mill in Bury St Edmunds completed the trip. “It was great fun to be on the road with each other; I learned a lot, a world opened up for me”, one of the participants said.