Shadowing Nathalie Moolenbeek for a day, our digital media and design communication specialist

Department: Group Communications

Afbeelding: Nathalie Moolenbeek_intro

Digital media and design communication specialist. That sounds like the well-known five-legged sheep. And in all honesty, that’s quite a fair description of this position. So what are the kind of things you’re involved with in this role? Nathalie Moolenbeek provides us with an insight.

"Definitely an incredibly fun, creative and varied combination!"

08.30 hours

I go and grab a cup of coffee and chat with my colleagues whilst my computer starts up. Then I take a look at my schedule for the day. I work on the ForFarmers brand’s online positioning every day, for example through the use of social media. I also organise and coordinate the design activities together with my colleague Anja. Definitely an incredibly fun, creative and varied combination!

09.00 hours

Time to get started on those activities which require me to use my creative skills and therefore ones I really need to focus on. I will subsequently read through my mails and check to see whether anything is happening on social media which requires my attention.

Afbeelding: Nathalie Moolenbeek_in-line

11.00 hours

I check the design queries which have come in via our ticket system together with Anja. We receive requests from our colleagues in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. There are a number of new requests again; we take a look at the planning and divide up the tasks.

12.00 hours

Time for soup! No matter how full the diary is; we always take some time out to enjoy lunch together as a team. Some time away from the laptop and a well-deserved break to enjoy a bite to eat, share stories and laugh together.

12.30 hours

We’ve all gained some energy again and are ready to get back to work. A new invitation needs to be designed for an event. I had already previously discussed my ideas with my internal client, so now it’s time to turn these ideas into something beautiful. A telephone call in between the activities: whether I could help to check a post which is ready for Facebook. Together we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

16.00 hours

A meeting with my marketing communication colleagues about their plans and planning for the forthcoming period. It’s always good to know which projects are in the pipeline. And of course it’s fun to think along too, both where the design is concerned, as well as in relation to how digital (social) media can be used.

17.00 hours

I update my Outlook calendar at the end of the day and plan my tasks for the next day(s). I learned a few good tricks for this purpose during the internal ‘time management’ course which I attended a few months ago. Very handy!

And one final question to finish off with: what makes working at ForFarmers enjoyable for you?

“It may sound quite cliché (but let’s face it, most clichés are utterly true): ForFarmers is simply a great company to work for. The mixture of professionals employed here means the company is brimming with innovative ideas and dynamics!”