Mel Digger, Forage Product Manager

My Role

As Forage Product Manager I am responsible for our forage product offering including looking after our seed and silage additive portfolio. It includes working with our marketing manager, suppliers, putting pricing structures together and looking at new products coming forward. I’m also involved in sales and I enjoy the opportunity to talk to customers and hear their feedback and what their concerns are at the moment. That contact with farmers is really important to me.

Career to date

I joined ForFarmers in 2015 having previously worked as Seed Product Manager for Countrywide and moved over from there. I have been in this industry since I left university and the forage sector since 2000. I worked on cereals previously, but now I focus on forage including grass and maize.

Favourite parts of the job

I really enjoy discussions with farmers over their environmental options, improving sustainability and their carbon footprint. I also really like that my role changes seasonally – we are talking about different issues in the spring, to the summer or autumn. It is always interesting and no two days are the same.

Afbeelding: Mel Digger maize day 2022

The best thing about working for ForFarmers

It’s the people! I love talking to customers and prospects about our products and how we can help them, but I am also very lucky to have great colleagues. There is always somebody to go to whatever I need help with.

Down time

When I’m not at work I love getting out for walks with my husband and our Springer Spaniel and we loving holidays by the coast. Spending time with friends and family is so important in getting my work:life balance right.

Mel and Meg