Mark Brightmore, Business Support Specialist - Broiler

Department: Poultry

Developing at ForFarmers

“My new role has evolved within the broiler team recognising the need for more hands-on, farm support, not only to help our broiler producers improve performance, but also to provide a vital link between our customers, account managers and the technical team at ForFarmers."

"Working as a team means we get the best from our Apollo broiler diets, in line with the genetics of the birds.”

Mark Brightmore

The Poultry team

“I joined the ForFarmers poultry team in 2015 as an account manager covering a vast area from Lincolnshire, across to Teesside to Cumbria.”

“I’ve been involved with the Apollo range right from the start, developing it to the successful range it is today. The poultry business, across broiler and layer, and most recently including organic layer feed too, has grown dramatically over recent years. We now have national coverage through our network of feed mills.”

Monitoring performance


“The most recent project I’ve been involved in is the development of a broiler performance data app to support our Apollo feed range. The aim of the app is to provide daily feedback and real-time tracking, monitoring performance against breed standards.The app will ensure data is collected frequently and reliably, helping to pinpoint any support requirements. We’re piloting the app on a couple of sites now; that way we can hear feedback directly from our customers so it’s fit for the job they need it for.”

“On a personal level it’s also been great to be involved in an exciting project like this one.”

Working at ForFarmers

“I really enjoy working for ForFarmers; you don’t have one day that is the same as the next. My days vary so much, especially as I transition into my new on- farm support role.”

“I think everyone says this, but the best bit for me is all about the people you work with, I enjoy meeting different people and I’m lucky as I get to do that most days.”