Lou Radford, National Customer Service Team Lead

Department: Customer Service

Working my way up to a national role

Lou Radford

“Back in 1997 I joined the company after completing my Animal Science HND. I initially worked as an Office Administrator and gained experience in customer service and sales support. Over the next few years, I progressed and took on various roles including Support Manager and Pig, Poultry and Speciality Business Unit Controller.”  

“In February 2016, I took on the position as Customer Supply Chain Manager and was responsible for managing the BQP account which was a fantastic opportunity. This gave me a great insight into our supply chain and the needs of one of our biggest customers. The role was equally challenging and rewarding but I drew on my years of experience to overcome hurdles.”

“Earlier this year I became the National Customer Service Team Lead. My role involves managing all of the UK customer service teams which are spread across the country. Together we are focused on adapting and driving change where required to create improvements, simplification and increase efficiency. One of our key goals is to make ForFarmers easier to do business with and this is very close to our hearts; we are all passionate about how we can make a difference for our customers.”

“In total I have clocked up 23 years of service and I thoroughly enjoy my role as it keeps me on my toes as you never know what challenge might be just around the corner. There are always opportunities and I have been lucky to progress with the company.”

Providing excellent customer service

“Customer service is all about communication. The main function of the Customer Service Department (CSD) is to take customers’ orders which come from a range of sources, we then work collaboratively with our supply chain colleagues and Account Managers to fulfil the customers’ requirements. As a team we also deal with medicated feed, reporting, analysis, complaints and other functions that add value to our customer service offering.”

“On a daily basis we make callouts to schedule future deliveries and work with the supply chain to notify customers in advance of any alterations. We have to be readily available for our customers and need to competently answer their questions.”

Find out how CSD fits in with the wider organisation

People and opportunities

“I really enjoy working at ForFarmers and over the years I have been given so many opportunities. I have been lucky to work in a variety of roles across the business and country. This has built up my knowledge and experience and after all these years, I am still learning new things.”

“The people at ForFarmers are such a key element when I think about enjoyment within my role. The teams I work with today and have worked with in the past have all been fantastic. Everyone has their own skill base and together we complement each other and find the best solutions. As a team we organise and strive for the same goals, and this is really rewarding when we surpass targets. I love working collaboratively and the energy of the teams I work with is amazing.”

Exeter CSD Team

“I am still yet to meet all the UK CSD team members face-to-face due to Covid-19, but we have weekly meetings in which we share ideas, concerns and best practices.”

“I am looking forward to what the future will bring for customer service in the UK.”