Katherine Muirhead, Beef Specialist South Business Unit

Department: Sales Ruminant UK

“I absolutely love being on farm and looking at ways to help farmers improve their business making them more efficient and more profitable.”

Developing new initiatives

As a Beef Specialist I work within the technical team. I provide technical support to the Account Managers across all three sales teams supporting the beef sector and I am also responsible for promoting ForFarmers within the beef industry and what we can offer. 

My days vary every day which is why I love my job! I can be in West Wales supporting Account Managers on beef farms or I could be in South Cornwall! If I’m not on farm I will be on Dietplan working on rations, training new members of the team or setting up farm walks and talks to promote what ForFarmers can offer.

Afbeelding: Katherine-in-line

Exciting opportunities

I was brought up on a large dairy farm in Somerset where my passion for farming began. I started to work for one of ForFarmers predecessors in 2013 within the Sales Desk covering the county of Devon and had experience in every sector of the business including transport, raw material planning and blend formulation. 

I chose to work for ForFarmers because of the opportunities it can offer me and the strong message it has about For the Future of Farming. It has clear direction and opens the doors to a lot of exciting opportunities in the future. I am proud of the company I work for and their forward thinking vision with clear direction and leadership.

ForFarmers has given me a huge array of training opportunities and personal development. Since I joined the business I have been on various courses from public speaking to nutrition and sales techniques. I recently attended a comprehensive two day sales training course which was fantastic.