Kate Netherwood, Senior Account Manager

Department: Sales

Sales team

“ForFarmers operates across Europe but here in the UK there are a number of sales teams. I am part of the Northern UK Sales Team, where we cover territory from the Midlands all the way up to the North of Scotland."

"The team is made up of some trainees, along with long standing, experienced colleagues. Although we don’t get to see each other very much, as we are all field based we do manage to catch up on the phone and are always there to help find the best solutions for our customers. We share knowledge, ideas and help one another which helps make us a stronger team.”

Visiting farms and customers

“My day usually starts pretty early, I’m out with the dogs by 6am, have to get my two children sorted and out of the door to nursery or an out of school club. I then begin work, check my emails and make sure I have all the materials I need for a day out on the road visiting customers.”

“Depending on what area I am going to, the days can be heavily dairy orientated or more focused on beef and sheep. I try to make five or six farm visits and in between I make prospecting phone calls.”

“I enjoy the variety of tasks within my job from walking cows, taking soil samples, reviewing rations or advising customers on our wide range of products and services. I love being out on farm and helping farmers improve their businesses. The support we can offer on farm is second to none and its fantastic being able to see such great results from the products we offer. Before you know it, it’s home time, the kids need collecting and tea needs cooking.”

Lucy Wood's cow's grazing

Areas of expertise

“I work with a range of different departments within the business, this includes the Dry, Moist and Liquid feeds team, Forage, Youngstock and Customer Service department. We work closely to ensure we provide the best advice and products on farm. Together we ensure leads are followed up, campaigns are completed and orders are processed.”

“It has been a challenging couple of years with Coronavirus restrictions, raw material challenges and haulage issues all playing their part. We have however come out the other side and have managed to overcome some big hurdles by pulling together as one team. Despite these challenges, the team and myself are seeing really strong growth out on farm.”

“I love the fact that every day is different, it really keeps me on my toes.”

Taking customers on a journey

“One of the things I enjoy most about my job is seeing improvements, no two farms are ever the same. Many farming families reach a crossroads and have to decide whether they continue as normal, invest in the future or leave the sector altogether. A great example of taking customers on a journey is the Yorkshire-based Wood family. I’ve been working with Richard Wood and his two daughters Lucy and Emily for a couple of years now. In order to drive the dairy business forward the family decided to install a new 20:20 herringbone Westfalia parlour. This immediately increased the efficiency of milking and made the day-to-day management of the herd much more enjoyable.”

Lucy Wood
Lucy Wood

“In order to provide the best nutritional advice, I utilised and reviewed the new data from the parlour and milk recording. We then decided to take a more targeted approach to feeding and feed exclusively to yield. I produced feeding curves for the cows, which Lucy and family have found invaluable. We now target feed cows at the peak of their lactation, usually six weeks after calving, and then tail off feeding rates as their lactation lengthens and milk production begins to drop. This has brought considerable benefits and has cut down on calving complications.”

“I also take fresh grass samples to aid grass-cutting decisions, as well as carrying out regular silage analysis to help balance ration formulation. Improving breeding and fertility were also priorities, to increase cows’ days in milk and improve the herd’s calving index.”

“With cow performance and feed efficiency on the up, Lucy is feeling positive about the future of her family’s business. Thanks to the changes we’ve made, milk yields are already up considerably and currently averaging around 22 litres per cow per day at 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein, which is really helping to maximise their milk price. In fact I got a phone call the other day saying they had never had a milk cheque as big!”

“I really enjoy providing help and guidance and seeing the results it brings to farming families and their businesses, it’s so rewarding.”