James Hall, Business Manager Sales Swine UK

Department: Sales Swine

“Dealing face to face with farmers is the best part of my job”

Partner for customers

"Being a Business Manager Sales Swine is a diverse job: visiting farms, running farm trials, having formal meetings, reviewing production performance. In essence, my role is to be the central ForFarmers contact point for our large key account pig customers. The overall aim is to support them to improve their profitability and performance, ultimately benefiting both sides. The advice, expertise and support I offer, in conjunction with my colleagues, is key to the customers’ long-term future success."

Afbeelding: James Hall_in-line

"Dealing face to face with farmers is the best part of my job; it still gives me by far the biggest buzz. I like to offer them advice to help them improve their performance. It is all about making a difference and being their chosen partner to discuss their future business plans. The extensive shared knowledge base of ForFarmers offers our customers many benefits as an international feed company operating in a number of different countries and sharing many innovations. Working in a leading industry that is a critical part of the food supply chain makes my role very rewarding and fulfilling."


"I have worked at ForFarmers for seven years. During that time my role has developed because new challenges have presented themselves to further my career, experience and abilities to better connect with my customers and associated businesses. Personal development and training is an important pillar in the approach of ForFarmers which is why I have been able to use the range of in-house training courses offered by ForFarmers to improve my knowledge, skills and confidence to help benefit the customer."