James Girdler, Trainee Commercial Nutritionist

Department: Pig, Poultry, Leisure

The Day to Day

James Girdler

“The Technical & Nutrition team are responsible for providing technical support to the commercial team and producers across the pig, poultry and game sectors.

“The team helps with troubleshooting on farm, promoting continuous improvement and demonstrating the industry leading performance of ForFarmers diets”

“We are also closely connected with the international teams to keep up to date with the latest ideas and research in the industry, beyond the UK”

From Pig to Poultry

“Before ForFarmers I spent a couple of years working for a UK poultry integrator. Then, through the ForFarmers commercial nutritionist role and the training programme I began learning the ins and outs of the pig industry, which was (and still is!) a steep learning curve.”

“Today, I support the commercial team and producers, focusing on optimising performance, improving businesses and retaining customers.”

“Typically my role offers a real variety, from day to day management of pig and poultry accounts, to attending technical conferences and discussion groups, as well as trial work and a range of projects.”

“Recent projects have included writing technical articles on zinc oxide removal, organic layer market research and promoting our NOVA offering with a programme of sow body condition/back fat measuring on farm.”

Working as a team

James Girdler on farm

 “I like being out and about, travelling around the UK and getting in front of customers. Particularly since COVID restrictions and being trapped inside staring at the same four walls every day, I will never take regular travelling for granted again!”

“The team atmosphere at ForFarmers is something I have appreciated since day one. I work closely with the UK Pig and Poultry teams as well as my immediate team in Technical & Nutrition.”

“Knowing I have a network of colleagues who are there to bounce ideas off and share wins with is an important aspect of a job for me.”