Jack Poole-Marriott, Sales Data Excellence Analyst (Pig, Poultry, Leisure)

Department: Pig, Poultry, Leisure - Operations Excellence

My role with ForFarmers

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“My role is to analyse data for the UK pig, poultry, and leisure team as part of the Operational Excellence team.

 “Our team works with the leadership team across pig, poultry, and leisure, providing updates on monthly trends in each of the market places.”

“The insight, including things like market share, we share supports decision making.”

Balancing work and my apprenticeship

 “I started working at ForFarmers 4 months ago as part of my full time apprentice in Data Fellowship.”

“I work 5 days with the apprenticeship incorporated into my workday.”

“I find the balance of work and training works well and I enjoy the variety of work it brings.”

A typical day at work

 “My day usually consists of updating market trends, working with our sales account managers and senior directors to give them as much information as possible on their specific sectors.”

Since starting my role

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“I enjoy how friendly everyone is at ForFarmers; I’ve been made to feel really welcome since joining.”

 “Agriculture is a really interesting industry to be part of and one of my recent highlights was I got to hold a piglet for the first time!”