Jack Goodchild, Business Unit Controller

Department: Pig, Poultry, Leisure – Business Controlling

Joining the world of Agriculture

“I joined ForFarmers in October 2019, my time so far has opened my eyes to the world of agriculture, despite living in Suffolk my entire life!”

“I’m looking forward to taking up some of the many offers I’ve had to get “on-farm” once we return to a level of normality post-coronavirus.”

The Finance team

“I’m part of the Finance Team based at Horizon House, which ensures that the business maintains robust, insightful, and accurate financial information.”

“I act as a link between the Finance Department and the Pig, Poultry and Leisure leadership and commercial teams”

“I help to ensure financial results are understood, helping to influence strategic direction and provide insight and tools to help drive commercial decision making.”

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A typical day at work

“My working month is split into two parts. The first week is centred round understanding and reporting on the financial result, ensuring that key messages are communicated to and understood by Group, the UK Management Team, and leadership teams.”

“The second part of the month is used to help drive change, improve process, project work, and influence key stakeholders. I’m also involved in the quarterly forecasting and annual budget cycles.”

My focus at the moment

“My main focus is always to ensure that the pig, poultry, and leisure team and UK Management Team are aware of and understand key financial information and projects impacting the business unit, and fully understand the options available to them.”

Working at ForFarmers

 “The company has an excellent culture, with friendly colleagues who are helpful, knowledgeable, and focussed on achieving common goals for both the customer and the business.”