Ian Hodge, Poultry Account Manger

Department: Pig, Poultry, Leisure

“I started working at ForFarmers in 1990, which means by the end of this year I’ll have completed 30 years of continuous service.”

My 30 years with ForFarmers

“Over my many years with ForFarmers, I’ve found both our company and my customers have been very loyal to me, some of them have been with us as long as I have! It’s an achievement which speaks volumes.”

My day to day

“No two days are the same, and I try to think of challenges as opportunities.”

“I cover the East and South East of the country, where I help raise awareness and sell the ForFarmers quality poultry feed products covering broiler, layer and at particular times of the year turkey, which I particularly enjoying doing.”

“We try to offer solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, aiming to add value to their business and ultimately their bottom line.”

Understand the needs of our customers

Afbeelding: Ian Hodge

“I understand the importance of being on hand when customers need me, building trust, and working towards our great working relationships. My customers’ working hours are my working hours.”

“In life before covid I would visit my customers and prospects on farm a lot more, which once restrictions lift I look forward to doing once again.”

The Poultry Team

“I enjoy working with the Poultry team, there is such a wide range of knowledge and experiences to learn from. Despite being spread right across the country, we’re all only a phone call away for help and support for each other.”