Holly Pitcher, Key Accounts Collaboration Manager

Department: Customer Service

A change in direction

Holly Pitcher and her horse

“I first started working at ForFarmers in September 2017. Before that I was an international groom for top dressage and event riders, so it was quite a big career change at the time. I was pleased with the change in direction as I love speaking to customers and coordinating projects. There are always opportunities to grow and progress within ForFarmers and that’s brilliant as I’m quite an ambitious individual. I am always motivated to learn new skills and develop my skillset.”

“Over the last three years, my role has varied quite a bit but I’ve always enjoyed looking after our customers. I initially started ForFarmers as a Customer Service Operator and during 2020 I was promoted to my current role as Key Accounts Collaboration Manager.”

 “In my role I am often the first point of contact for customers and enquiries. I am responsible for building strong partnerships with key customers together with the support of local account managers. Implementing new procedures to aid the processes between our businesses is also a key element that I get involved in. I make sure the process is running smoothly before I pass it on to the main Customer Services team who continue to support the customer.”

Customer services

“I really enjoy working in customer services and our role is make sure we look after our customers pre- and post-sale. We are an important element in the business as we coordinate and liaise with a variety of departments to ensure deliveries are smooth and efficient.”

“Communication is so important and perhaps now more than ever, customers like to be well informed with delivery dates and times. As a department we aim to work more collaboratively with our customers by pre-empting orders and planning ahead. By working closely with our customers we build strong relationships and ensure they are satisfied with our products.”

“I work closely with the customer services team at Horizon House. They are a fun and bubbly bunch and we all get on really well.”

“During the last year we have been working from home but I’m hoping we can all get back into the office soon as we are quite a sociable team.”

A typical day

Feed bag

“Every morning I start my working day by joining the East Anglian morning meeting. After that I look at priorities for the day and begin ticking them off one by one. Tasks may include getting product reviews from customers, reorganising deliveries to coordinating callouts.”

“No two days are ever the same and there’s always a new challenge or project, but I really enjoy the variety of my role, it certainly makes the days go quickly.”

Working together

“Within my role I also work closely with the planning teams in production and transport at our East Anglia, Radstock, Exeter, Selby, Newcastle and Preston feed mills. Together we plan efficient deliveries and provide our customers with the very best service.”

“I also attend weekly CSD planning meetings and liaise with the planning teams on a daily basis via email and calls, resolving and working on any issues that have arisen. Within these teams we all have different skill sets and we make sure we use these to get the best outcome.”

ForFarmers lorry

Life at ForFarmers

“At the moment there are only a few Key Account Collaboration Managers in the UK. I personally look after a range of pig and poultry key accounts and I also support the Customer Services team based at Horizon House. I am very much part of the team there and I enjoy working within the agricultural industry. Together the teams at ForFarmers work tirelessly to ensure that our customers and their livestock businesses receive the highest quality product and services.”

“Over the past couple of years my role and responsibilities have grown, changed and developed. I’m really grateful for all of the opportunities that ForFarmers have offered me.”