Raise the bar and feed your career, just like Heather 

“The challenge to be better is here every day. It’s all about leadership, engagement and quality motivation.”


Heather joined ForFarmers in 2021 and now has around 13 years’ experience of transport having started initially as a class 2 driver, moving up to class 1 before taking on office roles. “I then worked my way up the ranks all the way to Transport Manager, my role now which I love.”

In what way does the ingredient, ’raising the bar and challenging yourself’ motivate you?

The main challenge I’ve faced in my role, was during the global pandemic. During that time, we were having to deal with staff shortages due to sickness but also the issue of welfare for both staff and customers. To overcome this challenge, we had to rely on; team work, all pulling together and working hard in order to deliver feed to our customers each day. Our challenge is to do our best each and every day and to be better – always striving for the best!

Heather Thompson

How does ’raising the bar’ work in practice?

For me that is making a difference and being able to improve things for the wider team by raising the bar. That is what I probably enjoy most about my job.

Also being rewarded for success is empowering in raising the bar. I appreciate the support and guidance I receive and the training opportunities to help my team and I to be as efficient, effective and delivery the best possible service.

What makes your work so much fun?

What I enjoy most about working at ForFarmers, is the family friendly atmosphere, impressive hard work ethic and the rewarding for success outlook. I also like the support and guidance you get from your team and wider business.

Driver and office engagement is really important to me so I’ve been focusing those areas recently. Here at Newcastle there is always plenty of support especially from the Site Manager. His enthusiasm for making things better for the whole team creates an enriching work environment.

Heather and the team giving hampers out at Christmas
Heather and the team giving out hampers at Christmas

How would you describe working among engaged colleagues?

The work ethic and team at Newcastle-Under-Lyme are fantastic. I feel lucky to work for such a great company where I feel part of the family and bigger picture.

At Newcastle we have a team of 22 drivers and they work shifts patterns which cover us 24 hours a day. The drivers start at 05:00 and we operate 6 days a week. We try to be as flexible as possible so that we can fit in with customer demands and requirements.

As a department we are responsible for the safe delivery of high quality feed to customers across the region. We also manage compliance, driver welfare, budgeting, vehicle maintenance and project management on a daily basis. We are a busy team of three, Ian Biddulph is a great Assistant Transport Manager and Paul Pancutt is our Co-ordinator. We work really well together and communication is really key, especially during busy periods such as Christmas. As a team we each have our own strengths and areas of expertise and we try to use these our advantage.

How do you keep challenging yourself?

No two days are ever the same, the changing volumes and situations mean the team and I have to adapt our plans and act quickly. Due to the nature of our roles, forecasting and coordinating logistics involves a lot of organisation and problem solving. We have a great team of drivers of varying experience and years of service and I think this mixture helps keep the team dynamic positive and fun, and also for me to keep challenging myself.

This is also Heather

Outside of work I love to play hockey for Stafford ladies, they are a great bunch and it keeps me active. I also have 2 dogs, 2 axolotls and lots of fish which keep me busy during evenings and weekends.

I started my career as a HGV driver and have worked my way up to management. With this experience and knowledge under my belt, I feel that I can work better with the drivers as I understand their daily routines and ways of working.

Heather pet's