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“We’re driven by a sense of purpose”

Andy Paine, Head of Marketing: Ruminants

“We are really pushing the boundaries of sustainability.”

Andy Paine started his career in the robotic milking business – a job that took him to dairy farms across the length and breadth of the UK. In his experience of being on farm, he has seen that no matter how much money a farmer spends on the best medicine for his animals, or the best genetics, or the best milking equipment, if the nutrition isn't right, the farmer will not see the most profitable or productive output for his cows. Nutrition really underpins everything. Andy’s never settled for anything less than the best, so he fits right in at ForFarmers. He’s made it his mission to help as many farmers as possible to experience what improved nutrition can do for their businesses – and the planet.

Why is striving for the best an important ingredient for you?

It’s the only way to meet the challenge of feeding a growing population. By 2050 the planet will need twice as much food as we produce today. In the next 27 years we will need to double global food production! Our role is to make sure future generations are fed in a sustainable manner – and that future farmers have a stake in this industry.

How does ForFarmers feed your career?

One day, I strive to be Business Unit Director. To be a successful Business Unit Director, I need two things: sales experience and marketing experience. I already have plenty of sales experience and now I’m getting the opportunity to really develop my marketing skills. ForFarmers is a great place to bring your ambition. I’m constantly encouraged to try new things and learn new skills. The huge breadth of the business means there’s always a way to acquire the tools needed to achieve those ambitions.

When did you last feel empowered at work?

Honestly I feel empowered every single day, but one recent incident sticks out in my memory. A couple of weeks ago I approached my manager with a problem and I said: “Look, here are two solutions I think could work for us, which one would you rather have?” And he just said: “You choose.” I can’t describe how good that made me feel. Knowing that he trusted me completely and was happy for me to make the decision myself. ForFarmers definitely isn’t one of those businesses that employs good people and then tells them how to think and I’m really grateful for that.

What motivates you to start work every morning?

It’s all about making a difference and striving for the best. I often ask myself: If I wasn't here, would we have achieved what we've achieved today? When I walk away from ForFarmers at the end of each work day, I can safely say: “Yes, I have made a difference today. What I’ve done today has improved the lives of our customers.” The decisions we make today as marketers could have an impact that’s felt for decades to come. It makes me feel really good that I am helping to feed future generations.