David Ebsworth, Transport Manager

Department: Transport

"No two days are ever the same, changing events and situations mean you need the ability to act quickly and responsibly"

Safely delivering quality feed

Lorry loading up at Carmarthen Mill

“I joined ForFarmers in October 2018 as the Transport Manager for the Carmarthen feed mill. The mill was first opened in 1974 and has been operating ever since. We supply customers far and wide across Wales and into England.”

“As a department we are responsible for the safe delivery of high quality feed to customers across the region. We are often seen as the face of ForFarmers as our drivers are out on farm delivering a wide range of products."

"At Carmarthen we have a team of 13 drivers and they work within two shift patterns which cover us 24 hours a day. The early birds start at 05.30 and the evening drivers start at 18:00 and finish at 06:00. We try to be as flexible as possible and therefore deliver 5.5 days a week so that we can fit in with customer demands and requirements.

“The drivers often come into contact with the farmer and farm workers and part of their role is to build relationships with our customers and act responsibly and professionally at all times. Some of our drivers have been driving with us for more than 42 years and they really enjoying being out on the road and delivering to familiar faces.”

Adapting is the key

“No two days are ever the same, changing events and situations mean you need the ability to act quickly and responsibly. We all have to adapt in our roles but honestly, working in logistics involves a lot of problem solving.”

“With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, our compliance hasn’t changed, however we have put in place extra protocols and health and safety procedures in order to protect the wellbeing of our drivers. As a team we have to be extra vigilant in the way we operate and look out for one another. By doing so we are helping not only the business operate but also helping our customers feed their livestock which in turn is feeding our nation. It’s an essential supply chain and we are a key element of it.”

“When managing and overcoming challenges, I think the fundamental components are communication and keeping calm. We have all seen the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ phrase and when we face adversity, the first thing we need to do is to remain calm and then you can start to make rational decisions. At the moment we are listening and acting upon advice provided by the UK Government, local councils and our business steering group. This has changed the way we work however, with some clear instructions and guidance we have been able to implement these changes quickly and efficiently.”

Joining the team

“The last eighteen months have gone really fast and I definitely feel part of the team. Since day one I have been made to feel very welcome and it’s been nothing short of outstanding. It’s obviously nerve racking when you start a new job but honestly, I was immediately welcomed into the ForFarmers family. Within my role I really enjoy the independence and responsibility the company gives you, to act autonomously.”

ForFarmers fleet of lorries

Seeing those lorry’s all those years ago

“I have come from a farming background and as a child, I remember the BOCM PAULS lorries turning up at our farm to make deliveries of cake to our dairy unit. It’s such a small world and some the drivers who made those deliveries are still happily working here today. It’s all come full circle and I’m fortunate to live in this part of the world with my lovely wife and two children." 

"I thoroughly enjoy working with the whole team at Carmarthen and look forward to continuing to developing with ForFarmers for many years to come.”