Catherine Wilson, CSD Deputy Team Leader (Customer Services Brydekirk)

Tell us a little about your background, how long have you been with ForFarmers?

I joined ForFarmers straight from school, and I’ve worked in CSD for 13 years before becoming a CSD deputy team leader three years ago. I grew up on a beef and sheep farm just outside Lockerbie, and I’ve always had a lot of interest in farming so ForFarmers felt like a natural fit for me.

What does your role involve?

We deal with customers in the North of England and Scotland but also support other CSD teams on a regular basis. We are the first point of contact for most customers and don’t just deal with orders, but get all sorts of queries coming in. We try our best to help with any query but if it’s not something we can help with then we pass onto the relevant person to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

What do you like most about your role?

I like to think we’ve built up a good relationship with a number of our customers and this is something I really like about the role. As well as helping them out with any queries, it’s good to be able to catch up with them and find out how things are going on their farm.

I also love to challenge myself to be the best I can be, and this is something I definitely get to do in this role. I get so much satisfaction from knowing that I’ve been able to help our customers out and work out a solution to their problems.

What do you like about working at ForFarmers?

I like that there are lots of opportunities to progress at ForFarmers. There is plenty of support there if you’d like to push yourself and I’ve definitely got ambitions to continue developing my role at ForFarmers. My colleagues are also incredibly supportive, and there is a sense that everyone is there for each other.

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside of work I love being outdoors, so I’ll normally do a bit of work on the farm before and after work. Sometimes this means quite long days but I’m not really someone that likes to sit back and relax.

I’ve also got a couple of horses, which take up a fair amount of time. I used to do a bit of eventing but now I’m more in to show jumping and I love to compete when I get the chance. I also used to play football and I enjoyed travelling around Scotland with my team playing other clubs in Scotland. 

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Catherine out showjumping
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Playing for her local football team