Bradley Pickthall, Shift Technician

Department: Engineering

Engineering apprenticeship at Penrith

“I joined ForFarmers in March 2017 as an Engineering Apprentice, having already spent a year at Carlisle College studying mechanical maintenance engineering. I have really enjoyed learning on the job and the team at Penrith have been really supportive over the last four years. I am now a Shift Technician at 21 years old and last year I became the youngest ever Shift Technician at Penrith.”

Penrith mill in 1981

“The mill at Penrith has undergone a significant amount of investment over the years. Recently the team and I have been heavily involved in the installation of a new mixer and press. The mill was first opened in 1980 and has been operating ever since. We produce a range of compound products and supply customers across Scotland and the North of England."

Working together & problem solving

“We work closely with a range of departments in order to achieve efficiency within the mill and our systems. On a daily basis I communicate with the transport and planning departments to ensure that the production plan aligns with the transport plan and therefore customers get their products on time and in full.”

“Every day is different and it’s important to stay calm when challenges arise. I was recently running the nightshift after a four day mill shutdown. The electrical contractors had unfortunately left no information for a piece of safety kit they had installed and overnight the mill went down. Luckily I managed to figure out how the kit worked and carried out a safe repair in order to keep the mill running and produce all the tonnes required.”