Ben Thompson, Leisure Account Manager

Department: Leisure

Tell us a little about your role

My role covers, a large area of the west midlands and the south of England suppling Marsdens game feeds to game farmers and shoots.

How long have you been with ForFarmers?

I have worked at Forfarmers for around 8 years and initially started as a trainee account manager within the pig team.

Why did you join ForFarmers?

Afbeelding: Ben Thompson

I have been game shooting since the age of ten, when my father would take me out on shoots, so it has long been a passion of mine.

During my first gamekeeping job, we would frequently use Marsdens products - so I was already familiar with the quality of the feeds and its performance.

I am also a natural people person, so when the opportunity came up to join the Marsdens sales team, it felt like fate, so I jumped at the chance!

Working in sales for leisure, tell us about a typical day at work?

Always starts with a coffee! A usual day selling for the leisure team would be visiting customers, looking at their systems to see how feed is performing on farm and if there are any tweaks, we can make to increase performance - if my customers are happy… I’m happy!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job is getting to visit some of the most beautiful country estates and having a private tour from the gamekeepers – it is a privilege.

What are you currently focusing on in the business at the moment?

We are currently focussing on starter feeds as eggs are starting to hatch and chicks are starting to be placed… which is always an exciting time!

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

When I joined ForFarmers as a trainee account manager, my mentor Richard emphasised the importance of knowing the team around you, as you are only one part of the team - it cannot run smoothly without having a good relationship and understanding of their roles. So, my first month was spent on the road with delivery drivers getting to the mill and spending time in the press operators office, being close to the transport managers and customer service team. Without them, I could not do my job successfully!

Outside of work, you like to…

I like everything outdoors, shooting, fly fishing and hiking with my dog Finn.

I also enjoy traveling around the UK in my old Land Rover finding all the good places to eat and drink!

Favourite holiday destination?

South Africa if you haven’t been – go!