Andrew Burley, Poultry Director UK


Department: Sales Pig, Poultry & Speciality UK

“Everyone in agriculture should be proud to know they are helping feed the world.”

Supporting and coaching

"The main part of my role is managing the poultry sales team to gain and retain customers. Supporting, coaching and mentoring them with everything from pricing to customer reviews, together with helping them develop within the business and become the trusted partner on farm. We want to realise the best possible result at farm level working side-by-side with farmers."

Afbeelding: Andrew Burley_in-line

"I am also involved in various projects going on within the business, from new product development, looking at heat treatment within our mills to organizing industry events. These are events such as the British Free-range Egg Producers Conference and the White Meat Conference, which are supported and attended by the poultry industry, so the job can be very varied day-to-day."

Great people

"What I like about ForFarmers is that although it is a large organisation, I have always felt it has a family feel about it. Everybody helps each other across departments and countries, which is important for expanding the mind and vision of the company. We work together with a team of great people For the Future of Farming and that is what makes me tick. With the growing population of the world and their demand for food and clothing, farming is a vital part of meeting this demand. Everybody in agriculture should be proud to know they are helping feed the world."