Adam North, Graphic Designer

Department: PPL

Tell us a little about your role, how long have you been with ForFarmers?

I have been working at ForFarmers for 17 years! So, I have seen quite a few changes as I started with BOCM PAULS.

As graphic designer I am part of the PPL marketing team, helping produce promotional materials, including advertising, brochures, datasheets, as well as packaging and exhibitions. I also look after the PPL website and our digital sales support tool, and work with the Ruminant team, contributing to the communications across the whole ForFarmers group.

Why did you join ForFarmers?

Previously I worked as a freelance designer, but was looking for something more stable, I also wanted a new challenge to work as an in-house designer.

Working in sales for pig, poultry, and leisure, tell us about a typical day at work?

I’m often working on large projects, like a new product launch, which can include work for all media, from print to digital. There is also ad hoc work that can sometimes come with a tight deadline. So, there’s lots to keep me on my toes!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love working on a design, from the first ideas and seeing it through to the finished article, seeing my work being used- and in print- is most rewarding.

What are you currently focusing on in the business at the moment?

I have been refreshing the Farmgate brand, which is our nutrition offer to smallholders. We’ve started with a complete redesign of our advertising and we’re focusing on our packaging along with a whole range of other promotional materials to support our network of Farmgate merchants across the UK. Up next is improving the Farmgate section of the website, which we have some exciting ideas for.

Outside of work, you like to…

I’m a keen photographer, I like nothing better than going out with my camera and taking photos, this could be just around the local area, or further afield to places like New York, Venice, or Iceland.

New York

Favourite holiday destination?

Iceland! A completely unique country with breathtaking landscapes, and something amazing to photograph around every corner.


Claim to fame?

I used to play guitar in a band, and we once played at Alvin Stardust’s daughter’s birthday party! Alvin also joined us on stage for a couple of songs. I bet the younger people reading this will have no idea who he is. Google him!