ForFarmers stands for ambition, sustainability and partnership

Our ambition, sustainability and partnership core values clearly express what we, as ForFarmers, stand for. They are the core of our corporate culture and the compass for everything we do.


We want to play a pioneering role as the European market leader. Good is good, but we feel things can always be done better. We like to set the bar high and will always strive for better results, in every single area. We want the very best people for our teams and the absolute best products and results for our customers.


ForFarmers is focussed on the long-term, in all respects. We look after the environment and see it as our duty to provide a substantial contribution to a more efficient, more sustainable production of meat, eggs and dairy products. This allows us to contribute to a financially healthy sector which offers long-term opportunities and which will play an important role in society for many generations to come. For the Future of Farming.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Together you will know more, you can do more and you will progress much more effectively. That’s why we are investing in long-term relationships with our customers, with partners in the chain and with our network. ForFarmers is a reliable partner, which will always put the common interests first. We do exactly what we have promised we’ll do and we’ll inform you every step of the way.