How does ForFarmers work?

ForFarmers’ head office is based in Lochem (the Netherlands).

A clear organisational structure is of the utmost importance for successfully implementing our Build to Grow 2025 strategy. The organisation must strike the right balance between entrepreneurship in the local markets and making optimal use of the knowledge and experience available within ForFarmers as a whole.

ForFarmers is divided into operational clusters which have been geographically determined: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany/Poland and the United Kingdom. Each cluster is managed by a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Operational activities organised locally

Operational activities, such as production and sales, are organised locally as much as possible, in order to optimally meet customers’ requirements in the region in question.

All activities organised at group level are connected to the clusters via a matrix organisation. These include HR, Nutrition and Innovation, Marketing, Communication, Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, IT, Investor Relations, Sustainability, the Legal Department and Supply Chain (Purchasing). These activities serve the entire ForFarmers Group and are managed by the Strategy & Organisation Director, the Financial Director (CFO) and the Supply Chain Director.

These activities are carried out centrally as much as possible, in line with the ‘One ForFarmers’ approach. ForFarmers is using this approach to further professionalise the organisation, whereby we work in a uniform manner in all countries and make optimal use of the economies of scale which an organisation of our size can offer.